Licensed and Bonded Boat Dock Repair

If your boat dock repair didn’t last through the winter it’s time to call Dock It for Docks and Marinas. The team will come out and inspect your so called boat dock repair and give you a quote, and best of all, you can bet your boat dock and your boat house, which has been in disrepair for years will be ready to go sooner than you think.

Dock It has been in the docks and marinas business for decades and has the best materials and sub contractors and has established some of the best relationships with manufacturers and contractors and will make sure that you get the best prices on materials and contractors for your boat dock repair.

Repairing a boat dock isn’t something you let the neighbor or your best friend attempt. Your buddy may have been able to build a new deck for his backyard, but repairing a boat dock is an entirely different story. If you don’t have your dock repaired by a licensed and bonded boat dock repair company, don’t be surprised if problems occur if you try to sell your waterfront property.

Dock It is a licensed, bonded, and insured boat dock repair and dock installation company that only uses quality materials. Your repaired boat dock and newly remodeled boathouse will be up to code and ready to be included in a home sale should you decide to pull up stakes and move elsewhere.

Some of the materials that the company uses for Docks and Marinas include galvanized metal, masonry, composite, pressure treated or PVC.

In addition to boat dock repairs, Dock It also installs underwater anchoring and bracing systems and builds single and multiple boat slips. Dock it can even install a boatlift to your repaired boat dock.

When it comes to Docks and Marinas, Dock It cannot be beat. Call or click for a quote on your boat dock repair, boatlift, or boat slip. The service and the prices are unbelievable. Call or click now.

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