Is a Boathouse Rebuild in Your Future this Summer?

A boathouse rebuild or remodel from Dock It is the best way to give your outdoor dock a new look. While you’re at it, have your docks and marinas checked for structure and safety. Dock It can take care of all your needs. Enjoy your lakefront home during the warmer months, or all year round for that matter with Dock It!

Only The Best Materials are Used for a Boathouse Rebuild

With a boathouse rebuild you can count on your newly remodeled boathouse to be built up to code. Dock It prefers galvanized metal for construction, but also utilizes pressure treated wood. With Dock It, you can choose your materials for your boathouse remodel. Dock It can also provide you with composite, masonry, PVC or any other materials available.

Remodeling your Boathouse Increases the Value of your Property

If your boathouse has seen better days, it could decrease the property value. Call Dock It for a no obligation boathouse rebuild or remodel quote. When you call Dock It for a quote the licensed, insured and bonded team will come out and inspect your boathouse to determine what needs to be done and how much it will cost. The money you spend now will come back when you decide to sell your lakefront property in Knoxville.

You Get What you Pay For with a Cheap Boathouse Rebuild

Your neighbor may think he can rebuild your boathouse because he watched a few YouTube videos, but do you really want to trust your boathouse remodel to an unlicensed do-it-yourselfer? If John falls off the ladder or hits head on the dock because he slipped on the marina, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. A licensed, bonded, and insured docks and marinas company ensures you will not have to worry about an accident that could cost you a fortune.

Don’t trust anyone to your boathouse rebuild or remodel. Call Dock It for a no obligation quote today.

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