Floating Docks from Dock It

Not all floating docks in Knoxville are created equal, and if you are looking for a reliable company to build floating docks, Dock It is the only place to consider. Dock It has the best prices on floating docks for your home or business establishment and have the expertise and the experience to build floating docks on time and on budget.

Dock It explains that floating docks are supported by pontoons, also referred to as vertical posts that are anchored to the river or lakebed. Larger floating docks sometimes have a fixed or mounted on roller ramp that rests on the shore.

Floating docks are usually used in marinas, swimming areas, private docks and landing piers. Dock It can construct your floating dock out of several different types of materials including stainless steel, modular aluminum, Styrofoam/polyethylene combinations, or galvanized steel. Some companies are even experimenting with other types of materials that include fiberglass, concrete and even plastic. However, wood still remains the material used by most floating dock companies, as it is easy to install and maintain and is relatively inexpensive.

Dock It will tell you that handrails and anti-slip paint can also be added to your floating dock to make it more safe and secure. Floating docks come in a variety of finishes and colors to suit any decoration or style. During the winter, floating docks can be removed in order to avoid any sort of structural damage.

Floating docks adjust to any sort of water depth fluctuations because they are self-leveling making them perfect for open water and coastline settings. Floating docks are also suitable for water that is deeper than 8 feet as well as soft lake or river bottoms.

If you would like more information regarding floating docks or any other type of dock or marina, call and schedule an appointment with Dock It for a no obligation quote today.