Floating Docks and Fixed Docks from Dock It

Floating docks from Dock It are built to your specifications. Although there are floating docks that are prefabricated for ease of use, those floating docks may not be the best solution for all property owners.

If own a home or commercial property that is not equipped for a prefabricated floating dock, it’s time to call the team from Dock It for a quote.

Do I Need a Floating Dock?

There are two types of boat docks, fixed boat docks, and floating docks. What you need depends on your location.

Fixed Docks

Fixed or stationery docks are permanent docks that remain in place using pilings. These pilings are secured in place at the bottom of your body of water.

Fixed boat docks work well for choppy water as the pilings secure your floating dock from the water movement. Fixed docks are also great for keeping your watercraft secure and can also be a great place to reel in the catch of the day.

Floating Docks

Floating docks are just that, floating docks. They are not secured at the bottom and are secured to land. This type of dock works well if your body of water changes its level quite frequently or your body of water is deep. If your lake is murky and unable to support a permanent dock, Dock It may recommend another option such as a floating dock.

All Floating Docks Not Created Equal

According to Dock It, the best floating dock is one that can stand the test of time. When you purchase a prefabricated dock or a custom-made floating dock from Dock It, you are maximizing your investment.

Why Dock It for Boat Docks

In addition, Dock It proudly manufactures its own docks as well using the best materials available. When you schedule a no obligation quote with the team from Dock It, everything will be taken into consideration including the proposed area for your new floating dock.

Are you considering a floating or fixed dock in 2019? Call Dock It for a quote because it pays to work with the best docks and marinas suppliers and installers.

Call for a quote today.

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