Floating Dock Repairs and Installation Before Summer

Call Dock It for Docks and Marinas if your floating dock took a beating over the winter. Although in some parts of the country, winter is still hanging around, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a quote from Dock it.

The weather can wreck havoc on your dock, but so can other unfortunate natural occurrences. If you have a beaver that has been borrowing wood for his personal dam from your floating dock, you could be in trouble.

Call Dock It for a dock inspection. A floating dock inspection will give the licensed, bonded, and insured team from Dock It the opportunity to give you the best quote while supplying you with the best materials available.

Different Materials Available

There are different types of materials used by Dock It for Docks and Marinas, including heavy duty galvanized steel. The floating docks from Dock It for marinas and docks have Corp. approved PVC flotation that is encapsulated. This along with the Moisture Shield composite decking assures you a lifetime of fun.

When it comes to the best floating dock, you can’t go past Dock It who can also use pressure treated lumber for your floating dock.

Floating Dock Permit

Looking for a permit for a new floating dock? Not a problem. This link that will send you to the TVA.Gov website where you can fill out your floating or fixed dock application. You can even apply for a new pier, steps, a fence, or a new boathouse.

If you are serious about dock repair call Dock It. If you want to install a new dock, or anything else that needs to be on water, call or click and schedule a no obligation consultation with the team from Dock It.

You will not believe how affordable your new dock, pier or boathouse will be. Call for a quote from Dock It today.

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