A Floating Dock or Fixed Dock What is Best?

Floating docks could be just what you need if you are enlarging your waterfront restaurant. Floating docks are perfect, especially if the water levels on your lake are constantly changing.

Although everyone has an opinion when it comes to floating or fixed boat docks, it really is up to you, and of course your boat dock builder. Dock It has the experience to help you decide between a fixed or floating dock.

If you live on a lake that has deep water, it won’t be feasible to build a fixed dock. Although Dock It has the expertise to drive 40’ pilings for commercial use, it may not be the best solution for your docks and marinas.

Below are a few suggestions from Dock It that you may want to consider before you make a decision.

• Do you want a boat docking system that will allow you to accommodate a large number of boats?
• Does your lake have constant water level changes?
• Will there be swimming on the property?
• Will your walkway be floating or fixed?

Floating Docks

• Float with the water level, rise, and fall
• Easier to board and disembark a vessel
• Boatlift options
• Will need future maintenance
• Better suited to a calmer waterway
• Can be noisy
• Can be made from steel or wood
• More cost effective

Fixed Docks

• Are stationary exposing wood when the water is low
• Can be a challenge if water levels fluctuate
• Limited maintenance
• Suited for high traffic
• Can increase the value of your property
• Usually made of wood
• Can be costly to install

If you are considering docks and marinas and can’t decide between a fixed or floating dock, call Dock It for a no obligation fixed or floating dock. It really will make the whole process a lot easier. Call or click for you no obligation floating or fixed dock quote today.

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