Docks and Marinas Fixed of Floating?

Not all docks and marinas are created equal. In fact, there are several things to consider before you install docks and marinas. Dock It explains that you need to consider what type of materials will be best, the water that it comes in contact with and what type of dock is best for your particular purpose.

There are two types of docks available, a permanent, stationery, or fixed dock, or a floating dock.

Fixed Dock for Docks and Marinas

Fixed docks are connected by pilings that are installed at the bottom of the water. Permanent docks are excellent for areas that have frequent waves or areas that are choppy. Because the dock is secured by pilings, it can hold up to the movement of the water. Fixed docks are made from PVC, composite or lumber while the pilings are made from wood, concrete or steel.

Floating Dock

Dock It explains that floating docks are connected by land and not anchored to the bottom of the water. Floating docks work well for deep or murky water, or where the bottom is unable to support a permanent dock. Dock It can design floating docks that connect to form different shapes depending on the property owners needs.

Floating docks from Dock It for docks and marinas use moisture shield composite decking or pressure treated lumber.

Designing the Perfect Dock for Docks and Marinas

Dock It will help you determine what type of dock would be best for you whether you are running a river cruise operation or a waterfront restaurant.

Before you contact Dock It, consider what types of watercraft will be frequenting your docks and marinas and how often boats will be using your docks and marinas.

For the best advice on docks and marinas, you won’t do better than Dock It. Call for a no obligation floating or fixed dock for your residential or commercial property today.

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